Operators American Tactical Hardware (OATH)



12gauge Tango Shot Gun Round


Introducing in 2016 the TSR (Tango Shot Gun Round) is available in Brass (Sept 2016), Aluminum and Nylon casing. The 100% Copper TSR Projectile is 602 grain and delivers close to 2,000 ft;-lbs of muzzle energy. See more


Tango Handgun Self Defense Rounds

100% Copper with Patent Pending frangible technology.  The Tango Handgun rounds do not overpenetrate and blossom with lethal tangs inside the target.  This offers safe discharge and avoids over penetration to collateral damage back stop. 100% transference of energy to the target, with reduced weight projectiles in each class make the Tango arguably the best defensive round in the world. See more


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