The Most Popular 1000% Copper Projectile Handgun round in the world.

20 rounds per box
Weight : 135 Grains
Speed: 1150 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 397 foot-pounds



The Halo 9mm Luger is a 100% solid Copper projectile with the trade mark Halo ring on top to improve accuracy and cavitation.  Excellent for the discriminating shooter that wants to get the lead out. The Halo line of ammunition projectiles offer accuracy and clean lead free projectiles for environmental concerns that we all know are coming. 



The energy of the 9mm Halo is comparable to a 147 grain +P JHP without the recoil and the battering that a +P round brings.  Like all OATH Ammo the lighter projectile in Copper reduces recoil. In the case of the Halo there is about a 20% reduction in felt recoil compared to rounds of similar energy levels. That makes the Halo a great round in small J Frame revolvers, or those shooting as the Halo is about .35 ounces lighter than a 147 grain JHP round.