SKU: 859665005086

20 rounds per box

Weight : 125 Grains
Speed : 1275 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 451 Foot-Pounds


The 100% Copper .40 S&W Tango round has the perfect balance of power, accuracy, weight and speed for today's small frame pistols.  More and more carry pistols are incorporating the .40 S&W round where the 9mm once ruled; the only problem is the snappy recoil involved - no more. The .40 S&W Tango kicks about the same as 124 grain 9mm and far less than a 147 grain 9mm. With it's low weight of 125 grains, the .40 S&W Tango enters a realm where competitors of similar knock down power cannot and the .40 S&W Tango delivers all that energy in 9-10" in 10% FBI gel, creating a 3-4 inch wound channel with incredible accuracy expanding over 1 3/8 inches. The conical sphere assist in accuracy of the usually blunt nosed .40S&W round in ball ammo and assist feeding issues that may exist in smaller pistols with JHPs. 


No JHP round comes close to the energy delivered, and the rounds that do come close are specialty rounds for close-in combat situations and can not match the accuracy or lower recoil found in the .40S&W Tango round.


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