20 rounds per box

Weight : 75 Grains
Speed : 1100 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 202 Foot-Pounds


The 100% Copper 380 ACP Tango round delivers more stopping power then most JHP rounds of the 380 ACP caliber.  The best part of the 380 ACP Tango however is the easy recoil, especially in today's pocket 380 ACPs like the Kel Tec P3AT (below).  Just look at what can come out of the formidable Kel Tec P3AT as far as wound channel area using the OATH Ammo 380 ACP Tango round.


Penetration is as expected between 9-11 inches and on par with the 9mm Tango round in 10% FBI Gel.  Opening up to just over 1 inch and creating a 3 inch wound channel, the 380acp Tango out performs most 115 grain JHP rounds as a defensive round even in the smaller framed 380 ACP semi auto pistols of smaller size barrels.



  Please Allow 14-21 days for Delivery