.38 Special TANGO

SKU: 859665005109

20 rounds per box

Weight : 100 Grains
Speed : 1200 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 320 Foot-Pounds


The 100% Copper .38 Special Tango round is the softest shooting revolver .38 Special round available. Great for small J Frame revolvers, with minimal recoil and maximum accuracy.  The .38 Special Tango Round produces the felt recoil somewhere between a 380 acp and a 9mm in a small semi auto pistol.  The .38 Special muzzle energy is more than any JHP and just below +P rounds without the added risk of chamber damage and recoil.

 You will not find a softer shooting, higher power .38 Special round out there. Creating a wound channel of over 3 inches and a penetration of 11 inches in 10% FBI Gel, the .38 Special Tango round is one of our most popular rounds that stands far and above our competitors.


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