12gauge TSR (Tango Shotgun Round) Brass - 5 Rounds/Package

Can be shot from a smooth or rifled 12ga barrel with no issues. Reloadable!

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5 Rounds per Package

Length: 2.75 inches

Weight : 602 grains
Speed: 1200 Feet Per Second

Muzzle Energy: 1,925 Foot-Pounds

Introducing the new for Fall 2016 100Copper Projectile 12 gauge TSR (Tango Shotgun Round) Brass.  

Our first reloadable Brass casing Shot Gun Shell Round.


Now you have the option of reloading your own Shotgun Shells for the TSR. 

The TSR is the most accurate, hardest hitting, shot gun round in the world.  With over 3 inches of expansion, the TSR Brass is equivalent to the power of a 308 Rifle round with the size of a small mortar. 

Packing 1,925 Ft-lbs of energy creates a lethal defensive force.  The TSR is not designed to be a breaching round, it is an accurate expanding projectile round (602 grain) up to 100 yards with little to no drop because of the light-weight copper projectile and aerodynamic nose cone.  When the TSR reaches it's target that is when the devestation begins... with football size cavitation from the opening up of the projectile to over 3 inches and within the first 3-4 inches of penetration and penetrating up to 7 to 9" inches into 10% FBI gel, with no over-penetration.  The nose cone extends another 3 to 4 inches and is equivent to a .22lr in weight adding extra damage (as if it is needed) but still not over-penetrating.

The TSR can be used for absolute take down of targets and hunting large game.



  • SPECIAL FEATURES of the TANGO 12 Gauge Shotgun Round!

    *2.75" IN LENGTH*




    *Reloadable Brass Casing (up to 5 relaods)*




 Please Allow 14-21 days for Delivery